Monday, September 06, 2004

Dia de la Muertos (Day of the Dead) mail art call

I'm hosting a Day of the Dead mail art call to help celebrate my 53rd birthday this year. It's the first mail art call I've hosted in a while so I'm really looking forward to it. Ever since I was a small child, Halloween and then, when I learned about it, Dia de los Muertos, have been my favorite holidays. They deal life and death, fear and bravado, identity and fantasy - all at once.

Deadline: October 15, 2004

Send any 2D or 3D artwork which can be sent through the mail to: Carla Cryptic, Dia de los Muertos, PO Box 1274, Berkeley CA 94701, USA.

No jury, no returns, documentation to all!

For more information on mail art or on Day of the Dead traditions, come to:

To see the results of one my other hosted mail art shows, go to:

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See you in the mail! :)