Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Too many online options! :)

I am going nuts with all the cool places there are online to participate. It was bad enough when there were only a handful - the time spent online conferencing and sending/answering email could make things difficult IRL. Now, there are ten times the number of places to hang out, share ideas, and view photos - I feel we will soon need to clone ourselves in order to pursue even 1/100th of the things we are interested in.

Still, I am loving the time I CAN afford to devote to such things. Blogger, DeviantArt, The New Café (formerly Café Utne), DP Challenge, Fotolog, Fotki, Flickr, ATCards, Yahoo Groups, MSN Groups, Google browsing in general, MySpace, iCompositions - those are just the places where I already spend a lot of time. There are tons of others which I don't have time to even get started with. Then there are all the user groups for software and hardware I'm into... that's a whole other kettle of fish. (!)

Squidoo is very cool and interesting but I haven't had time to more than stick my toe in the water there. I am trying to start up a soft block carving lens there. Somehow, I've got to make it easier to consolidate all of the places and activities I'm involved with so that I can stop spreading myself too thin. Lol... (you'd have to know me to fully appreciate that laugh!).

My biggest problem is certainly my own voracious appetite for knowledge, experience, and interaction. Somehow, I never cease to find interesting new challenges to get excited about WITHOUT always losing intereest in my old obsessions. I still want to speak 10 languages fluently, not just 6 - I still want to sing and compose music as well as paint/draw/sculpt on top of writing poetry and short fiction along with making my own videos and short films and that's not even mentioning what I do for a living, which is take photographs! And then there's the fact that I am married to my best friend and that we need time to play TOGETHER not just separately, just the two of us as well as the whole extended family of relatives and friends. I keep meeting new people I like, too... where do I fit them in!?

I definitely need another hundred years or so to just get started. :)


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